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    Persistent Axis2 service files

    Matthew Segreti Newbie

      I deployed an instance on Axis2 within my JBoss EAP 6.2 server. However, the only way I can add my service files are through the online admin console. This is a problem because when I add them through the console they are added to a random folder within standalone/tmp/vfs. So when I stop and start my server again I lose my reference and I need to re-add them through the console. How can I set it up so that I do not need to re-add my service files every time I start my server?

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          Matthew Segreti Newbie

          I repackage them inside mywar under /WEB-INF/services so that they are automatically deployed with the war file.


          /WEB-INF /services /service_a.aar /service_b.aar /services.list 

          The services.list file in the same directory is a text file listing your aar files ... one per line

          The aar files are just zipped Axis archives. They contain a META-INF directory with the wsdl, any xsd files and an Axis2 services.xml service configuration file describing the services.