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    24h Wait on line , Jboss as 7 unknown virtual host name

    kitto pang Newbie

      Sorry, I am poor in English, but I think you know what I mean.


      My system is Linux (cent os 6) , and My jboss as 7.1 runs only 1 application. 

      And I have  configure my jboss AS that my web application started at  http://mycom.com ,

      but now one unknow host : laomachufang.com   can  point to my jboss as 7.1 .

      when I ping the two host, the result like this:

      ping mycom.com   (my host)                          ---》  24.x.x.12

      ping laomachufang.com   (unknown host)     ---》  24.x.x.12

      How to stop ‘laomachufang.com’ visiting my web application ?

      Who can hlep me?