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    Hornetq bridge - What kind of performance overhead does it add if any?

    Raghu Jakkula Newbie



      We have a scenario where we need to send messages from node A to a Queue on a node B. If node B is down, we have seen that any messages written during that time are lost.


      So we are planning to introduce a Hornetq core bridge. By introducing a local queue in node A and bridging it to the remote Queue on node B, we hope that no messages will be lost.


      If node B is down, messages are still help in the local queue on node A. When the node B is back up again, the bridge will make sure that messages are sent to queue on node B.


      So my question is since we are additionally introducing a local queue and bridge it to the remote queue. What kind of performance implications will it have if any?


      Does a Hornetq bridge add any overhead at all? Thanks.