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    New software/service metadata model -- design discussion


      Historically, the S-RAMP specification is mostly concerned with SOA-specific artifacts.  As such, the core metadata model is narrowly scoped and has limited usefulness.  However, Artificer has vastly expanded past the spec's boundaries.  I'd like to start looking at ways to better encapsulate metadata that's helpful within a broader scope: general software and "services".  Sure, users can create their own models (ad-hoc or with ArtifactBuilder) to accomplish this today.  But, something powerful, out of the box, is needed.


      So, we need your input!  We've started a JIRA to track all the types of info that might be useful: [ARTIF-675] Define new "service" model - JBoss Issue Tracker.  What would be extremely helpful is more real-world, from-the-trenches input as to what specifically should be included.  What types of metrics need tracked?  What bits of metadata would be helpful for discovery, analysis, and auditing?  What do your existing tools or processes provide that would be "must haves" in an alternative?


      Any feedback would be much appreciated, either here or on the JIRA!