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    REST-AT and Container-Managed Transactions

    Juan Velez Newbie



      We are researching ways of using microservices and REST and one of the issues we'd like to solve is the transactional aspect of it (We'd like to keep using XA/JTA/ACID as opposed to Compensation-Based TXs) and I found that there is in fact Transactions for REST.


      I started reading/learning about Narayana's REST-AT and I after reading/testing the Quickstarts (quickstart/rts/at at master · jbosstm/quickstart · GitHub) most specifically the ones that deal with JTA (quickstart/rts/at/jta-service at master · jbosstm/quickstart · GitHub), I'd like to confirm that in order to use REST-AT, the "initiation" of a transaction needs to happen manually, this is, there is no way for the Container to manage the life-cycle of such transaction.


      Since we rely on Container-Managed Transactions, I don't know if it is possible to annotate our service methods such as they become part of the REST-AT transactions.


      Anyway, please pardon my ignorance on the subject. Trying to learn.