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    Hibernate 3.2CR3 in a Cluster for SFSB

    Marc Reis Novice

      I have more or less posted about this already, but not hibernate specific (I was not sure about the cause, and am still not). From what I saw and read, I guess it is related to EJB3.0-SFSB, JBoss-Cache(1.4) and hibernate interaction.

      I have set up a Cluster of two JBoss 4.0.4.GA (modification: server uses host name rather than IP) with JBossCache 1.4.0GA. I have two similar EJB3 Beans one SLSB and one SFSB (the diff is just that one is SF the other SL). When I invoke multiple times on the SLSB all is fine (the invokation gets Loadbalanced via RoundRobin on bothe maschines). When I do the same with the SF Bean then I get a

      17:28:11,984 WARN [SessionFactoryObjectFactory] Not found: 2c9096b20c91acb4010c

      This can happen on node one or two, depending where the first call has gone. So this happens when the SFSB allready exists. This then causes a failover to the node where the bean was created.
      I'm glad for any hints and tipps!
      Thanks ahead !


      I'll gladly post details again, since the other threads are rather verbose, but first of still just want to reference those here:
      JBoss.com -> JBoss User -> JBossCache
      JBoss.com -> JBoss User -> Clustering/JBoss