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    hornetq - drop in progress messages at notification

    Alex Alex Newbie



      I have the following scenario: 

      - 2 messages that were received on a certain queue and are now being handled (Msg1 (param="X"), Msg2 (param="Y"))

      - 3 messages on the queue that were not handled yet in the following order: (Msg3 (param="Stop_X"), Msg4(param="X"), Msg5(param=Y))


      When Msg3 is added to the queue (with a certain parameter = "StopX") I would like to end execution of all threads currently being processed from the queue that have param="X", meaning Msg1 (param="X") and also messages that are on the queue Msg4(param="X")


      Is there a predefined way to do this in hornetq?


      Thank you