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    Transactions in Hibernate and JBoss

    Michael Couck Newbie


      There seems to be some conflict in the documentation for getting the Hibernate transaction and the server transaction synchronised.

      We have a typical setup for Hibernate using the hibernate.cfg.xml where we map all the Pojos and so on. Then we access Hibernate by the getCurrentSession() method to get the session. We don't close the session anywhere of course as we assumed that it would be closed by the JBoss. I will say that we don't use the MBean for Hibernate.

      Is the Hibernate session, and more specifically the Hibernate transaction in fact managed by the JBoss. I seem to think that the only way to put the Hibernate session in the JBoss transaction is via the MBean, then lookup the SessionFactory via JNDI.

      Please could someone point me in the right direction, perhaps with a step by step tutorial as an example, and documentation.

      Thanks in advance.