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    WildFly's use of JGroups

    Nicky Mølholm Newbie

      Hey guys,


      WildFly has several JGroups channels using different groups.


      In a cluster.... is it possible that these channels, periodically, can have different views of the cluster (due to networking issues etc.) ? As an example: Given a cluster that is supposed to contain nodes A, B and C - can messaging have a different cluster view (Say: A,B) than hibernate (Say: A,B,C)? Or will they always be in sync ( see the same cluster members )?


      Thank you,


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          Paul Ferraro Master

          In WF8, it is possible for the views of different channels to be different for very short periods of time, though this would be entirely due to timing issues - since the each channel stores its view in a distinct memory space, and failure detection tasks for each channel are not necessarily simultaneous.

          However, the default configuration of WF9 multiplexes most clustering services over a single channel (except messaging, though that is planned).  Thus, in WF9, the channel view for each service will be identical.