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    Applet JDBC connection to a server pool?

    Ken Roberts Newbie


      I'm trying to do something a bit nonstandard for legacy issues.

      I want to use a connection pool for new server-side stuff. I also have a large pre-existing applet which uses JDBC and crafts its own SQL. It has profound linkage to the JDBC driver API.

      What I need to know is, is there a safe way to connect from that applet to the app server's connection pool using the JDBC api?

      I have already seen the wiki page called ConfigDataSources. I want absolutely nothing to do with the use-java-context flag. This is an enterprise application that handles very large sums of money, and an unsafe practice is not an option.

      What I'm hoping for is that I can get some sort of remote interface for the connection pool, and use it as though it were a JDBC driver. Can anyone help me with this?