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    Customize jBPM Console

    Traveller X Newbie

      Hello All,

      For some reasons, we want to customize the jBPM console (war).

      I could do the minor tweaks to the UI using the existing web pages directly.

      However, I have clone the jBPM console project from the GIT. I just want to understand the project and build the customize GUI on it.

      Thanks in advance

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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Traveller X,

          It all depends on what bits do you want to change. You first need to locate the component where those bits are and then modify and build the distribution wars located inside the kie-wb-distributions repository.

          So you at least need to clone 2 repositories: jbpm-console-ng and kie-wb-distributions (to build the final war for your desired container). That's if the changes that you want to make are in the components hosted in those repositories.



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            Traveller X Newbie

            Hello Mauricio,

            I am interested in the GUI changes only, some images and may be css (fonts, background)


            Why jbpm-console-ng is required? (sorry, I tried to read about it, but I found it's for developers - hope my understanding is correct)

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              Mauricio Salatino Master

              Hi Traveller X,

              Not sure to understand.. if you just want to change things defined in kie-wb-distributions/kie-wb/ that's fine.. you only need that..

              but remember that ever screen / set of functionality is defined in different modules.. if your changes are in one of the modules defined inside the jbpm-console-ng/ repository you will need that to modify that locally, install it in your maven repository and then build the kie-wb-distribution/kie-wb project in order to get the distribution wars.



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                Traveller X Newbie

                I appreciate your help.



                May be I am asking many stupid questions,


                What is the difference between below projects ?


                1. https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm-console-ng

                2. https://github.com/droolsjbpm/kie-wb-distributions

                3. https://github.com/bpmc/bpm-console



                Currently, I am using jBPM installer with AS 7.1.1, it has jbpm-console-6.2.0.Final-wildfly-8.1.0.Final.war default in lib folder, it downloaded the latest for AS 7.1.1 when configured accordingly.


                For jbpm-console, it points to the kie-wb-distribution-wars in Build.Properties.


                I want to change the look/GUI of  the above file. Amongst 3 projects above, which one should I look for the UI change ?


                Once again, Thanks in advance.

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                  Mauricio Salatino Master

                  Hi TravellerX

                  Your questions are ok, we have a lot of repositories, so to answer your question:

                  1. https://github.com/droolsjbpm/jbpm-console-ng -> Contains all the BPM related modules of our workbench (only runtime modules) no authoring tools here

                  2. https://github.com/droolsjbpm/kie-wb-distributions -> this project contains all the dependencies to all our modules for the BPM and Rules modules and put them all together so they can be deployed into different containers. This is just a project that collect all the dependencies and create the final web applications (but each component like the rules, proccesses, authoring tools are in their own repositories)

                  3. https://github.com/bpmc/bpm-console -> old stuff don't worry about that.

                  Regarding your deployment.. if you want to avoid issues you should use the right container for the distribution war -> jbpm-console-6.2.0.Final-wildfly-8.1.0.Final.war if the name of the war says Wildly 8.1.0.Final that means that you should use Wildly 8.1.0.Final for deploying the war.. if you don't use that version and  you have issues, it will be very complicated for us to help you.

                  "For jbpm-console, it points to the kie-wb-distribution-wars in Build.Properties" -> I didn't understand what you mean by this. .

                  As I mention in my previous answer, you need to find in which repositories are the files that you want to change, and go and change them there. Most of the generic stuff like CSS and images are in the kie-wb-distributions/kie-wb/kie-wb-webapp .. but if you go deeper with your changes you will need to see which is the module that you need to modify, and those modules are likely to be in a different repository.


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                    Traveller X Newbie

                    Wow, that clears the confusion. Thanks again.




                    just to clarify on the Build.Properties part, when we extract jbpm-installer.zip, there's build.properties file.

                    In that there's an entry below,


                    # the version of jBPM Console you want to use

                    # and the associated URL you want to get it from

                    # for example:


                    # for AS7:





                    I will try to modify the kie-wb-distributions/kie-wb/kie-wb-webapp for my customizations.



                    Thanks, you guys have developed something really great. Appreciate your efforts & support.