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    HttpSession Handling Issue

    Vipinlal T Newbie

      Hello All,


      Am using WildFly 8.1.0 Final


      Previously am using Jboss 7 as our application server, now we switching to WildFly


      We faced one issue in the middle of this migration with HttpSession Handling problem


      Case - First am logged in as one user with username and password in one browser and am saving this session in application scope against username


                Second am logged in with same username and password in another browser. Before adding current Session to Application scope.


      We added one checking that if one user getting loggedin then we check if current loggedin username with session is available or not in application scope.


      If available, then we take the previously saved session against username and invalidate the same session. And add new session to application scope.


      My issue was, after we invalidating session and we work with current session, but am getting Exception


      javax.servlet.ServletException: viewId:/xhtml/user/userdescktop.xhtml - View /xhtml/user/userdescktop.xhtml could not be restored.


      in view part it showing "Forbidden"


      Thanks in advance for your support