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    Incorrect SQL created by DynamicQL when using left-joins

    Chris Niermeier Newbie

      I am getting an SQLException from the SQL generated by a DynamicQL statement. I did not got this error until I added left-joins to my jbosscmp-jdbc.xml. I will try to explain as best I can the circumstances which have led to this error.

      I am using Jboss 4.0.3SP1 connecting to a PostgreSQL 8.0.4 server.

      I have a DynamicQL query, which can look something like this:

      FROM Recording r
      WHERE 1=1
      AND r.phoneCall.dateOfCall >= ?1
      AND r.phoneCall.dateOfCall <= ?2
      AND r.phoneCall.startTime >= ?3
      AND r.phoneCall.callCentre.key = ?4
      ORDER BY r.phoneCall.key, r.timestampSequence

      It can take over 5 minutes to get the results and populate classes with the values from the recording table and all of its CMR fields, so I'm trying to use read-ahead on-find and left-joins to see if that speeds it up. The read ahead is:
       <left-join cmr-field="question" eager-load-group="*"/>
       <left-join cmr-field="phoneCall" eager-load-group="*">
       <left-join cmr-field="interviewerEmp" eager-load-group="*">
       <left-join cmr-field="dept" eager-load-group="*">
       <left-join cmr-field="parentDept" eager-load-group="*"/>
       <left-join cmr-field="title" eager-load-group="*"/>
       <left-join cmr-field="versionStatus" eager-load-group="*"/>
       <left-join cmr-field="version" eager-load-group="tss">
       <left-join cmr-field="study" eager-load-group="*"/>
       <left-join cmr-field="dashCase" eager-load-group="*">
       <left-join cmr-field="form" eager-load-group="*">
       <left-join cmr-field="studyDetail" eager-load-group="*">
       <left-join cmr-field="study" eager-load-group="*">
       <left-join cmr-field="callStatus" eager-load-group="*"/>
       <left-join cmr-field="monitoringEmp" eager-load-group="*">
       <left-join cmr-field="dept" eager-load-group="*">
       <left-join cmr-field="parentDept" eager-load-group="*"/>
       <left-join cmr-field="title" eager-load-group="*"/>

      The SQL generated by this query fails, appearantly because of the strange way it combines left outer joins and WHERE clauses to join the classes together.
      In the FROM clause:
      FROM dash.recording t0_r,
      dash.phone_call t2_r_phoneCall,
      call_centre_view t19_r_phoneCall_callCentre LEFT OUTER JOIN dash.question t1_r_question ON t0_r.question_id=t1_r_question.id

      In there WHERE clause:
      ...AND t0_r.phone_call_id=t2_r_phoneCall.id
      AND t2_r_phoneCall.call_centre_id=t19_r_phoneCall_callCentre.id))
      AND t0_r.phone_call_id=t2_r_phoneCall.id

      The resulting error is:
      javax.ejb.FinderException: Find failed: java.sql.SQLException: ERROR: relation "t0_r" does not exist

      Is there something wrong with the way I'm setting up the left-joins, or might this be a bug in the sql generation code?

      Thanks in advance for any help,
      Chris Niermeier