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    Service Layer Session Factory, JNDI and local

    jfrankman Novice

      We are just getting started creating a web application using hibernate. Initially, we mapped our pojo's, and created a services layer that utilizes the Session factory based on the ThreadLocal pattern. With this cofiguration, we were able to run tests locally on my development PC to make sure the hibernate mappings and services worked correctly. I now want to deploy these POJOs (and services) as a HAR archive on the JBoss server. Up until this point, my services layer would use the local SessionFactory. Now when I deploy my services to JBoss I need it to get the SessionFactory via a JNDI lookup. However, I still want to be able to test the services locally on my PC.

      What is the best way to deploy our services layer to JBoss and have them use the JBoss SessionFactory but still be able to test the services locally on our development PCs?