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    Creating Search Querys

    Dennis Przybyla Novice

      I currently am using jBoss AS 3.2.3 but will most likely move to the latest when funding is available. The problem that I am facing right now is how to customizable search using CMP. I have 5 fields all but 2 are text fields. The text fields are easy as I can always do a q.note LIKE ''; but for Date fields and my double field they would like to be able to do =,!=,<,<=,>=,>, BETWEEN type searches. Is there an easy way to create the EJB that can do what I want easily or do I have to create a different query for each way they want to query the data? If I have to create a different @jboss.query for each way it may be better to just grab the datasource from jBoss and do JDBC calls and build the queries on the fly. What is the best way to do what I want?