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    Aggregate function in where clause (Criteria API)

    Muhammad Shouab Newbie

      I am using Criteria API. I want to use the Aggregate Functions like
      Avg(),count() etc in the where clause i know its available through Projections but projections used as the slect part of the query i want to use these functions in where clause like

      Is there any way to do that.

      if the problem is not clear lets say i have two tables Employee and Address and the relation between is one to many Employee have multiple Addresses so i want to retrieve the employee who have 5 or more Addresses.

      Code is like that.

      Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(Employee.class,"emp");
      ProjectionList projList = Projections.projectionList();
      List list=criteria.list();

      When i execute this it gives me NoOfOpp invalid identifier is any other way round to accomplish the task.