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    Errai and Polymer 1.0 and databinding

    Hristo Stoyanov Master

      Hi all,

      I was looking at code snippets from the just-released Polymer 1.0: https://www.polymer-project.org/1.0/docs/devguide/data-binding.html


      <dom-module id="host-element">
      <child-element name="{{myName}}"></child-element> 


      As you can see they use double moustache {{}}  for automatic binding and double square brackets [[]] for one-way binding. This is similar to AngulaJS and other frameworks.

      In Errai, data binding uses "data-field" attribute and a few hard rules. My questions/suggestions are:

      1. Can Errai adopt the {{{}} and [[]] style data binding as several frameworks are leaning this way, in addition to data-field?

      2. How can one bind data to element attributes in Errai, something like: <div  data-whatever="{{com.my.JavaBean.whatever}}">...</div> ? I have not see a nice way to link data to element attributes in Errai.

      3. Does the Errai team plan on releasing a demo with Polymer 1.0? I know there were some blogs with earlier versions of Polymer, but Bootstrap is so yesterday ...