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    How to start two jboss eap 6.4 on the same machine?

    Michał Pająk Newbie

      I want to start two or more jboss eap 6.4 in the domain, but when I started the second domain I got this warning:

      [Server:server-one] 15:34:35,606 WARN [org.hornetq.core.client] (hornetq-discovery-group-thread-dg-group1) HQ212034: There are more than one servers on the network broadcasting the same node id. You will see this message exactly once (per node) if a node is restarted, in which case it can be safely ignored. But if it is logged continuously it means you really do have more than one node on the same network active concurrently with the same node id. This could occur if you have a backup node active at the same time as its live node. nodeID=14bdbf74-f56c-11e4-a65f-738aa3641190

      I cannot get this to work.