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    Using JPA for tests with Arquillian

    Max Mustermann Newbie

      We are developing an application for our company and we want to use Arquillian for unit testing our system. For that purpose we wanted to use JPA to test our backend and our entities, however, we are running into a problem with using JPA. After creating the "test-persistence.xml" like explained in the tutorial of Arquillian we added this resources to the ShrinkWrap archive that has to be deployed onto the application server. But when we try to run the tests we are getting the following error: "'test-persistence.xml' doesn't exist or can't be accessed". We tried to google for this exact problem but there were no proper solutions or explainations found.


      We included the arquillian bom to our configurations and all the needed APIs, but we still get the same error when we build our project with Maven from the shell.


      Has anyone ever run into the same problem and knows how to solve it?