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    FILE_PING broken in JDG Server 6.5

    Jeff Bride Novice


        I'm attempting to use the FILE_PING discovery protocol in JDG 6.5 and have come across an issue.

        I suspect this problem would, however, occur in any infinispan deployment in JBoss EAP where the following class from the app platform  is invoked:  org.jboss.as.clustering.jgroups.JChannelFactory.


        In particular, the following code is found in JChannelFactory:


      channel.setName(this.configuration.getEnvironment().getNodeName() + "/" + id);


      The use of the "/" character in the channel name becomes a problem for the JGroups  FILE_PING protocol where it uses this name to write a file to with node discovery information.

      Because of the use of the "/" character in the filename, java bombs with an IOException:  No such file or directory..

      Stacktrace found here.


      In run-times where JChannelFactory from the underlying app server is not used (ie:  library-mode app deployment in stock JBoss EAP 6*)   ..... FILE_PING protocol works well.

      In that case, JGroups assigns a channel name that does not include a "/" character.

      JGroups discovery info is written without issues to the corresponding files specified in the FILE_PING protocol.