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    Is BRMS and BPM Suite able to be installed to same EAP?

    Futoshi YOSHIZAKI Newbie

      I would like to install BPM Suite 6.1.0 to EAP6.4 completing BRMS 6.1.0 install.

      Though I tried to install BPM Suite 6.1.0 to that EAP instance,

      BPM Suite Installer alerted an Error dialog that said "BPM Suite is already installed in <EAP_HOME>".



      Oppositely, I tried installing BRMS to EAP colpeting BPM Suite install,

      then an Error dialog said "BPM is already install in <EAP_HOME>" .



      I would like to know how to install both BRMS and BPM suite to same EAP instance.



      Best regards.