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    Commercial support for RichFaces 4.x

    Andrey Yamshchikov Newbie

      Is there any commercial support available for RichFaces 4.x?

      I'm working on the migrating allication from JBoss EAP 5 (RichFaces 3) to EAP 6 and need to make recommedation what JSF library to use.

      Converting application from RF 3.3 to RF 4.5 would be a lot of work but it's doable. Tried PrimeFaces 5.2 and there is an issue there with scrollable DataTable (we have a lot of fancy UI stuff in the apps).

      However, I would hesitate to recommend use RichFaces 4 since its future is unclear and I'm not sure if there is a commercial support for it (in our company frameworks used in apps require support).