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    A-MQ on Fabric Managed Server not bound to any  port




      Currently I have a setup where the Fabric server runs on a root container with some IP(say IP-1) and a separate ssh managed container named Container1_1 with a different IP(say IP-2).

      I have deployed amq profile in Container1_1 and can see the A-MQ running in the hawtio console for the Container1_1(Can create queues and topics using hawtio web console). The ActiveMq tab in  the hawtio web console shows the transport connector properties as tcp://IP-2:61616. But when I ssh into the Container1_1 and do a netstat I dont see any program bound to 61616 port and listening on to connections.


      Question : Does A-MQ listens to its port when managed by Fabric or the only way to communicate to brokers in a fabric is to by communicating through zookeeper url?