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    Is there is any master node in infinispan cluster

    Himanshu Kapoor Newbie

      Hi ,


      I am trying out infinispan for the in memory cache requirement in my product. I have set up a cluster of two nodes in replication mode and can see cache entries are getting replicated fine in both the nodes. I have configured the TCP discovery as well as TCP communication using Jgroups. As of now i am putting both the nodes in the initial member list of jgroups file .


      Problem i am facing is when i bring down the one node say A all the cache goes away from the other node too i.e. B .

      However say if both the nodes are up and if i bring down the node B cache entries remain intact in node A and when i bring up the node B in this scenario those entries gets replicated in node B also. So this led me to this question , is there any master node in infinispan ? If so how do it decides which one is master node from the initial members list in jgroups file ?



      Himanshu Kapoor

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          Tristan Tarrant Master

          Short answer: no.

          Longer answer: JGroups does have the concept of a cluster coordinator. Typically the coordinator is the first node that starts up, but this rule is not always valid (especially when sub-cluster MERGEs are happening). The role of the coordinator is merely that of managing the cluster view (i.e. which nodes belong to the cluster) and has nothing to do with how the cache data is handled.

          The behaviour you are experiencing is odd, so could you please post your configuration files ?