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    create sequencer or create table dynamicaly

    topicfun Newbie


      env: Jboss 4.0.3SP1
      entity bean : BMP
      transacition: Container managed = Required

      I need to create ora sequencers and some tables dinamicaly assigned to some administration logic.
      the seq is the following:
      1 create session data
      2. create sequencer and create a new table (session bean => direct DB access)
      3. create scheduler entry

      My problem is that it seems if I want to create seq or table dinamicaly via jboss application the transaction is broken. From the server log I see always that the transaction is keep on but for e.g if there is some problem in step 3. nothing is rolledback before the step 3.
      I have set the setRollback in the exception branch and I see from the log that it is really rolledback but the DB shows other...

      I know that the seq create and the table create can not be rolledback in Oracle but in this case how can I create a kind of tables or sequencer via Jboss, handling them in the same transaction?