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    How can we utilize page object+LoadableComponent+arquillian Graphene drone @page?

    Ramananda Prasad Garikipati Newbie

      I know we have these 3 patters as seperate, however has anyone tried to utilize all 3. I tried to use it in my project, however I am facing NullPointerException when archuillian Graphene tries to initilize drone from parent of a @page instance. Class drone get's initialized, however when parent (from loadablecomponent) comes into picture it raises nullpointerexception and we are not really able to utilize loadablecomponent pattern effectively. I tried to declare all drone instances in class, parent, grandparent as static and this solve couple of issues of NPE, but not all. If the browser/drone is initialized, webelements in parent are not initialized and upon accessing them it raised NPE.


      Consider typical loadablecomponent use case of page-->parentpage-->grand parent page etc and let me know if you were able to implement it in your projects.

      If someone can help me with this it would be great.

      Thank you