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    Web application doesn't migrate in cluster mode

    Ramy Al Zuhouri Newbie

      I installed JBoss EAP 6.4.0 on two different virtual machines:

      1) Ubuntu Server 12.10 , IP=

      2) Ubuntu Server 12.10,  IP=


      Then on each machine I edited the standalone-ha.xml file in standalone/configuration and replaced all occurrences of with, to allow other machines to connect to the JBoss server.

      Then I run the server this way:


      $ ./standalone.sh -c standalone-ha.xml -b 192.168.0.{20 | 23} -u -Djboss.node.name=node{1 | 2}


      I copied a distributable war file in standalone/deployment and I verified that the war file is executed in cluster mode: it says "received new cluster view" and I clearly saw the names of both nodes on the logs.

      I then connected to each instance:





      If I shutdown machine 1, I'm not able to get the web app's page on and viceversa. But shouldn't the application be transfered on the other machine since they're on the same cluster?