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    Documentation of undertow handlers?

    Dietrich Schmidt Newbie



      I have one ear in Wildfly 8.2 with webroot /xyz

      and want to redirect the URL /abc/xyz/* to /xyz/*


      Can this be done with undertow?


      The documentation https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/WFLY8/Undertow+subsystem+configuration

      describes a <handlers> Entry, but I cannot find any information about the allowed entries beside

      <file> in the above mentioned documentation.


      Surprisingly, the <handlers> entry is not found on


      and I cannot find a standalone.xsd.


      The undertow documentation


      describes a redirect handler, thus there is still some hope, that wildfly might support it.


      Can someone help me?

      Any suggestion how to solve the URL redirection is welcome.