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    ejb Persistence prolem

    gurminder oberai Newbie

      hi forum,

      i am using two systems running jboss3.2.5 with two diferent applications namely "admin" and "student" running on them with a common database.

      in both the applications i am using BMP entity beans,now the problem is that when one entity bean modifies some data in the database then that modification is not reflected on the other entity bean because both are using different containers.

      according to ejb specifications ejbLoad() should be called every time a transaction is executed but in jboss3.2.5 what i am using, the ejbStore() method is executed before the ejbLoad() method.

      because of ejbStore() executing before ejbLoad() data modified by one entity bean is is changed back to the data which is already cached by second entity bean because both beans reside on different containers and both are un aware of any changes made to the database..