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    Update jBPM console texts

    Traveller X Newbie

      Hello Everyone,

      I have clone the kie-wb-distributions  (master), I want to modify some texts from the console.

      e.g. The Knowledge Life Cycle on home page to something else. (X Process Life Cycle)

      In the kie wb project there are two files consists of this text, i.e. HomeConstants.properties (in kie-drools-wb/kie-drools-wb-home-page-community/src/main/resources/org/kie/workbench/drools/client/resources/i18n/HomeConstants.properties & kie-wb/kie-wb-home-page-community/src/main/resources/org/kie/workbench/client/resources/i18n/HomeConstants.properties)

      When I update in both the projects & run gwt:run -nsu on kie-wb-webapp, it doesn't reflect the updated text.

      Am I missing any step here ?

      Also, what's the difference between kie-drools-wb & kie-wb projects ?