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    Has Forge support in Switchyard ended?

    Murray Todd Williams Newbie

      In the SwitchYard installation guide (which is arguably one of the first things a newcomer will come across when planning to install and try out SwitchYard) under the Installing Extras section, there's a mention of running "ant install-forge" from the SwitchYard installer. I tried this and nothing happened, and looking at build.xml it looks like there's no mention of Forge anymore.


      I'm guessing that Forge has moved onto Forge 2 and nobody has adapted the old SwitchYard module into a Forge 2 add-on, but I thought I would just check and see what the official word was. (And I would suggest making some notes in the Installing Extras wiki page to reflect both the removal of Forge and the postponement of the "ant install-bpel-console".

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          Tom Cunningham Master

          Hi Murray,


          Installing forge from the ant script has definitely been removed.    If for some reason you want to use the forge plugins, I'd download a 1.x release and try the install-forge command and use forge-1.3.2.    Thanks for pointing out this out though - I'll go ahead and update the documentation.


          Forge has moved on to Forge 2, and there is a SwitchYard addon for Forge 2, but I think it still needs a little work :




          The Eclipse tools are definitely the more popular option for developing SwitchYard applications.

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            Murray Todd Williams Newbie

            Huh. Thanks for pointing that out. I might have to take a look.


            It's a pity—I really loved when I was playing around with the forge-1 a few years ago. The Eclipse tools are great, but sometimes for an outsider it can become overwhelming and hard to understand the connections between a piece of functionality and its representation in the maven project and the various XML files. (I suspect others find that a compelling reason for forge in general.) Anyway, thanks for the note.