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    Converting Standalone to Domain

    Brett Hanekom Newbie

      We started using Wildfly-8.0.0.Final in Standalone Mode for a project which has grown a bit, and so we are considering implementing some clustering and load balancing. Can anyone point me in the direction of converting my Standalone configuration (using config in the standalone.xml) to a domain configuration?

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          Francesco Marchioni Apprentice

          Basically if you include the standalone configuration as a new profile in your domain.xml (and associate your server groups to it) you should be able to run in domain mode with the configuration created in standalone mode.

          If you are relying on the deployment scanner for deploying applications you have to use management tools for deploying applications instead.

          Hope it help.

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            Brett Hanekom Newbie

            Thanks Francesco. I am busy working on updates to another system at the Minute, but I will test your setup as soon as possible.

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              Brett Hanekom Newbie

              Francesco, Thanks I copied all the detail from my Standalone.xml to a new profile in domain.xml and I can see all the changes I made in my standalone.xml file. I just need to figure out now how to make this work in the domain world with clustering as it does not seem to start the remopte server when adding server groups to this profile.

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                Radoslav Husar Master

                If you want to enable clustering in your existing standalone non-clustered configuration, I recommend doing a diff between standalone.xml and standalone-ha.xml files and copy/merge the differences into your config file.


                To summarize, you will find out that you need to

                • add extension and their configuration for org.jboss.as.clustering.jgroups and optionally org.jboss.as.modcluster if you want to integrate with modcluster loadbalancer
                • in ejb3 subystem, you will need to change the cache-ref from simple to distributable
                • and update infinispan subystem configuration since the nonclustered configuration is using local caches
                • add mising socket bindings for jgroups* and modcluster* but this should be as easy as just using the "ha-sockets" group in your configuration
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