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    syslog over TLS

    M Alex Newbie

      Hello all
      I'm trying to configure my JBoss to send logs to a syslog server. It has a basic structure like this one:


      <!-- Syslog events-->  
        <appender name="SYSLOG">  
            <param name="Facility" value="LOCAL7"/>  
           <param  name="FacilityPrinting" value="true"/>  
           <param  name="SyslogHost" value=""/>  
               <param name="ConversionPattern" value="[%d{ABSOLUTE},%c{1}]  %m%n"/>  

      I have a <root> too, to send only "info" logs to my syslog server. As you can see this is a basic syslog configuration...and I would like to add some TLS encryption because nowadays my information is sending as a "plain" text.


      Which parameters would I have to add? I'm in a 5.2.0 version...


      I really appreciate any help you can provide.