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    Will changing an XML file available as a part of modules deployment in Wildfly AS 8 take immediate effect without restart

    sridhar thiyagarajan Novice

      Hello ... I have deployed a lot of configuration XML files together as a module say xml.module under modules directory in wildfly AS 8.2.0. I have an EAR deployed in exploded format under standalone/deployments folder and am using auto-deploy-exploded="true" in standalone-full-ha.xml.


      My question is that if I make any changes to any configuration XML file, then will it take effect immediately without the restart of the server OR does it require a restart every time I change an XML under xml.module module under modules directory ?


      Like auto-deploy-exploded="true" which makes immediate effect to the changes without server restart in standalone mode, will this attribute also make similar effect for change in XML or any files under modules directory ?


      Please help to understand.