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    rich:select behaviour for values not in list


      I've got a question regarding the rich:select component.


      For the following print screens I've used the second example at the RichFaces showcases for rich:select: http://showcase.richfaces.org/richfaces/component-sample.jsf?demo=select&skin=blueSky


      If I enter a value (like "aaaaaaa") that is not in the list, the component looks like this:


      As you can see, the component stops reducing the list, after entering the second "a".


      If I now select an item ("Alabama" in this example), click in the input box and start typing again, it looks like this:


      Even if I clear the input-content and enter new values that are not in the list, the input is red and the list with the available items is empty:


      Now my question: How can I achieve this behaviour from the very beginning (first print screen)?



      Btw: It looks like there is a little bug in this behaviour too


      If I delete the last "a" at the second example it looks like this:


      As you can see, the value is still red and the list is empty, even the value is now valid.

      If I delete the last "a" again, everything is allright again: