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    HotRod protocol is slow over internet

    Jeff Bride Novice


        I'm working through the various JDG 6.5 Beta quickstarts  (which are all outstanding, btw) where my JDG server is deployed in the cloud (in a docker container in AWS).

        REST protocol (using the rest-endpoint quickstart) is fast.  No issues.

        HotRod protocol (using the hotrod-endpoint quickstart) takes about 30-45 seconds to connect.

        There after, HotRod protocol is usable but not nearly as responsive as using the REST protocol.

        In addition, use of remote HotRod event listeners becomes unreliable/intermittent;  ie:  sometimes the RemoteCache is notified of a state change and other times these state changes get lost in the sauce with no errors in either client nor server.


      Any suggestions for tuning the HotRod client ?


      thanks!  jeff