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    Cluster mod_jk and JBoss 6 issue

    gcsureshbabu Newbie

      Currently in our Production environment, we are running 4 Application server, each server is running with JBoss instances and 4 web server with APACHE+ mod_jk. We have clustered all the 8 instances in the workers.properties. We are seeing the following issues with the cluster mode. Whenever we are bringing it up the JBOSS instances, The APACHE immediately start sending the request to that instances. But the services is not fully available. Due to this user's are getting 404 error message whenever the request goes to that up coming instance. To avoid this, we are removing the instances details from workers.properties and recycle the Apache and then restart the JBoss instance. its better way to avoid this, instead of changing apache workers.properties, Just recycling JBoss instances. Please can any one comments on this or faced similar issues?


      JBOSS EAP 6.2

      JDK 1.7

      APACHE 2.4.9