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    Does the exclusion of the modules work in Jboss Version 7.1.1 :


      Hi Guys ,


      I have a war application which is actually a spring-mvc-cxf webservice web application and i want to pack war with all the dependencies within war and dont want to use any of the Jboss Modules. main dependencies are spring , cxf ,  spring mvc etc. I want to keep in the web-inf\lib, I saw that if i deploy  this it gives me issue with the CXF conflicting with the CXF module which come out of the box. When I deployed it in Wildfly 8.2.0 Final all i had to do was in deployment-structure.xml file exclude the susbsystem webservices. I am doing the same in the Jboss 7,1.1 but it doesn't seems to be working .


      I saw the thread where they have mentioned if the exclude doesn't work then you should replace the marshalling.x.x.15th version i did the same but still it is showing duplicate class loading for CXF classes .


      Please share your experience and how you fixed it if you face such issue.

      [JBoss 7.1.1] Exclusion of Modules does not work with EAR to EAR communication



      Sanjay Gautam