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    RelationSet.getIdList() -> working with Relation Sets

    Alex Newbie


      According to the that comment below, it is not possible to work with relation sets, if the calling method ist executed with tx = null.

      The getIdList() requires a tx or else the setHandle is always null -> which means that JBOSS (4.0.2) does not allow something like person.getRelatives().iterator() if the tx is null.

      Can someone confirm this?

      public class RelationSet implements Set {
       private JDBCCMRFieldBridge cmrField;
       private EntityEnterpriseContext ctx;
       private List[] setHandle;
       private Class relatedLocalInterface;
       // Most of this class is a boring wrapper arround the id set.
       // The only interesting hitch is the setHandle. This class doesn't
       // have a direct referance to the related id set, it has a referance
       // to a referance to the set. When the transaction is completed the
       // CMR field sets my referance to the set to null, so that I know that
       // this set is no longer valid. See the ejb spec for more info.
       public RelationSet(
       JDBCCMRFieldBridge cmrField,
       EntityEnterpriseContext ctx,
       List[] setHandle) {
       this.cmrField = cmrField;
       this.ctx = ctx;
       this.setHandle = setHandle;
       relatedLocalInterface = cmrField.getRelatedLocalInterface();
       private List getIdList() {
       if(setHandle[0] == null) {
       throw new IllegalStateException("A CMR collection may only be used " +
       "within the transction in which it was created");