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    Modeshape 4.x mapdb index sizes

    Wessel Nieboer Novice

      Hey everyone, I am currently experimeting with using Modeshape 4.x. In Modeshape 3.x everything was indexed with Lucene and Hibernate Search, some pretty powerful technologies. My initial impression is that the MapDB index is lot bigger than the Lucene indexes were. In Lucene after indexing some ~2 million nodes with about 10 string properties and all the basic JCR properties this takes up around 4 gig of data. I've been adding dummy nodes to Modeshape 4 and am currently at 5 million nodes with just an index on the jcr:name attribute and I'm already at 6.7 gig index size.


      Index provider and defined indexes:


                          <index-provider name="local2" classname="org.modeshape.jcr.index.local.LocalIndexProvider" relative-to="/" path="data/modeshape-indexes"/>



                          <index name="nameIndex" provider-name="local2" synchronous="false" node-type="nt:base" columns="jcr:name(NAME)"/>



      I'm curious to what other people are experiencing with regards to indexing performance in version 4.x