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    Har options x Hibernate options

    Alexandre Torres Newbie

      Hi, for a long time I've being using SAR deployment for my HBM mappings.
      The reason is: the org.jboss.hibernate.jmx.Hibernate has only a subset of the hibernate options.
      So I prefer to stick with a home-modified version of the default hibernate's jmx that let me set SessionContext's class for instance. Or Interceptors.
      But I can't stop thinking, why the HAR deployer has just a subset of hibernate stand alone options? Do I really need to create my own MBean just to support the missing options?
      Is there plans to support it? Becouse it just looks so easy to map all options to the HAR implementation. Just add setters and getters...
      Well, meanwhile I stick with SAR becouse I don't want to make my code Jboss dependent on compilation time. But it would be nice to have HAR deployer that had all flexibility of a default hibernate.cfg.xml... or at leat could read one!
      Them I would not need to extend the jboss classes to expose such options.

      Thanks for all the good work.