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    How jboss container load properties in web.xml

    Magno Ferreira Newbie

      I have a seam web application in which I have to include a security module for integrated authentication.

      I can see that the module isn't based on seam application because it uses a spring-like notation. As the module works defining a listener and a properties file in the web.xml I think it should also work in my app.

      Problems are: I don't have access to the module's sourcecode. And it fails to load the config.properties file.

      The module hopes to load the file through the following configuration. So I place the config.properties at the same path directory as the web.xml.






      I can only assume that at some point some method like getResourceAsStream can't find the file. So where do I have to put the properties file?

      I'm using SEAM 2.2.2 and jboss 5 EAP, I wonder when/how the jboss container solve this context-param at web.xml and where it assumes the file may be.

      Sorry for the poor english.