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    Effect of query-timeout on active connection

    Paul Jeniec Newbie

      Hi, we have recently started to use JBoss as an alternative for Websphere application servers. I am looking at migrating our DB connection pool settings and have come across the "query-timeout" parameter.

      I am struggling to find any detailed information on what the app server will do to the connection if a query breaches the query timeout.

      For example, is it the equivalent of a socket timeout? Meaning it will simply kill the connection via the underlying the socket. Or is it effectively like a statement timeout where it will attempt to end the connection gracefully by calling the cancel method on the Statement?

      I have concerns if it is a socket timeout as I believe we will be at risk of leaving orphaned connections open on the DB, so I need to understand how it works before we can make a decision on how / if we should use the parameter.