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    How to set seam identity component when authenticating via network

    Magno Ferreira Newbie

      My seam 2.2.2 web application needs to authenticate the user via some module that uses kerberos to get user data from network.


      I managed to create a listener and a filter to get user data at the request context.

      But at this moment the request has an identity component setted with null atributes (because I didn't authenticate it yet).


      I have read the seam reference and couldn't understand how can I set the proper identity (with the user data) at the request filter.

      Trying to instantiate a new identity is not possible because its context is not active.


      Another way is to put the user data into the request and inject it before the identity tries to login, but I'm really looking for a solution more integrated with seam.

      Any suggestion?


      ps: I cannot use any direct implementation of seam integrated with kerberos, I have to use this proprietary module.