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    JBoss EAP 6.3 content directory

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      I have a question about a weird behaviour with deployments.


      Configuration : 1 master, 2 slaves, ha profile, 3 server-groups


      We use CLI scripts for the deployment of our webapps in 3 steps :

      - undeploy old version of the webapp with --keep-content (if existing)

      - if OK, deploy new version of the webapp

      - if OK, undeploy old version of the webapp without --keep-content


      Let's say that the platform is a brand new one and no deployment had ever been made.

      When all the 3 steps are running fine, the content directory of the master and the 2 slaves contains only 1 directory itself containing one content file.

      We can reproduce many times the 3 steps without any problem concerning the content directory.


      Let's say now that i want to deploy a new webapp (no version is yet existing) and for some reasons (dependency per example), the deployment fails.

      The webapp hasn't been deployed but the content directory contains now 2 directories themselves containing one content file for each of them.

      I can reproduce the failed deployment of the same webapp/version many times and the content directory goes on growing.


      So my question is : how can i purge these "failed deployments" from the content directory ?

      My first try was to undeploy the failed deployment, but it fails too because for JBoss, the webapp is not yet deployed.


      Any answer or clue to solve this problem ?


      Thanks for reading


      Kind regards



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          rbe1733 Newbie



          I wrote a script to solve the problem.


          It compares the known deployments returned by CLI (hash attribute) with the files stored in the content directory.

          Therefore, you can guess if the hash belongs to a deployed application or not.

          Then, you can purge the failed deployments in the content and servers directories on the master and the slave machines.


          If someone is interested, i can bring more details.

          It can save a lot of space on the disk, especially for a development platform.





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            Glenn Moog Newbie



            Can you share the script, I have 5 valid deployments, but I'm seeing many more under my ./data/content directory which must be from failed deployments which are consuming around 20GB of space