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    How to call a MBean operation using jboss-cli in Wildfly8

    sridhar thiyagarajan Novice

      Hello.. I am migrating my application from JBoss 6 to Wildfly 8.2.0. My application uses MBeans and "twiddle" feature in JBoss 6 is used for managing the MBeans. Similarly, in Wildfly 8.2.0, I got to know that "jboss-cli" is a similar feature like twiddle in JBoss 6. Can anyone please help me about how to connect to JMX server instance and call an MBean operation from command prompt using jboss-cli tool in Wildfly 8.2.0.


      Below line is used to call an operation on MBean using "twiddle" in JBoss 6.


          ./twiddle.sh invoke test.system:type=TestService start


      Similarly, what is the equivalent command to be called using jboss-cli in Wildfly 8 to invoke an operation on MBean.