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    Hot deployment- Maven Project with JBoss



      Previously, we had the dynamic web project and we would doing the hot deployment . But recently we have converted all our projects into maven .

      After that we could not make the hot deployment. If developer is making any changes in their files (Jsp , java, html) .


      They always need to perform below task for single jsp change

      1) Right click on pom.xml

      2) click on Run AS

      3) Select   maven clean option



      4) click on Run As again

      5)select maven install option

      5)right click in war file and select mark as deployable.

      6)start the server.


      We would like to get rid of this method and looking for hot deployment with maven project.  I have been working on this task since 4 days and tried several way to change the folder structures and class path entries and add libraries but I failed .


      I would really appreciate, if any help on this.