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    @DiscriminatorColumn HELP

    cecille canonigo Newbie

      based on the trailblazer example i have applied the @discriminatorcolumn in my customerbean to get the marketname which is in marketbean.

      but i have another countrybean to be mapped to my customerbean in order to get the country. can i have multiple values for my @discriminatorcolumn? or what is the work around? did i declare this right? need your assistance on how to jointables. thanks.

      here is my code snippet:

      //getting the marketname from marketbean
      protected MarketBean market;

      public MarketBean getMarket( ) { return market; }
      public void setMarket(MarketBean _market) { market = _market; }

      //getting the countryname from countrybean
      protected CountryBean country;

      public CountryBean getCountry() { return country; }
      public void setCountry(CountryBean _country) { country = _country; }