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    Using BRMS Rules on a Dynamic Web Project

    Bruno Lacerda Newbie



      I'm have a Dynamic Web Application running on JBoss EAP 6.3.

      I want to implement some functionalities using Drools Rules.


      I'd like to use my domain pojo objects as facts on rule definitions on BRMS intead of define some facts on a BRMS project and use this facts together with my domain pojo objects using the BRMS project as dependency of my Web Project.


      Does someone have some tips about what do I have to do to submit facts to BRMS?


      Other question is: Can I upload my entire web application to BRMS repository to use the POJO in technical rules definitions?


      What is the best way to integrate a Dynamic (already created) Web Application with a new BRMS Project?


      Sorry for my english.


      Thanks in advance.