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    Issue with jboss shutdown script in cluster environment

    shashidhar pendota Newbie

      Hi Team,


      We are working on scripts for the jboss server shutdown in a cluster environment .

      The cluster contains multiple nodes on either of the  MDM instances.
      Eg:  Cluster>>>> 4 nodes ;

      Total >> 8 nodes in the cluster in 2 servers


      The current shutdown script "./jboss-cli.sh --connect command=:shutdown" only stops one jboss node.
      When i try to execute the same for other nodes from their respective $JBOSS_HOME it gives "The controller is not available at localhost:9999".
      Also we tried using --controller to set/configure the correct <ip>:<port> but still no success.

      Below is the command:
      jboss-cli.sh --connect controller=localhost:10001 command=:shutdown (We have set the offset as "2").


      I have also tried the command using the remote keyword.

      ./jboss-cli.sh --connect --controller=remoting:// --command=:shutdown --timeout=10000

      Thanks in advance.


      Thanks & Regards